I’ve been hanging out on the Warframe forums lately and I discovered why they annoy me so much. Here’s the scenario: 

This guy I’ll call Pissant2001 (because there are 2000 more Pissants playing Warframe), wanted to know what is the best weapons to use to kill level 100 mobs in 1-2 shots. Pissant2001 listed his weapons:

A. Meh bow 

B. Meh Meh rifle

C. Holy Crap You Use That

D. Really Good Crowd Control Gun (RGCCG)

E. Maybe Meh

F. Sure 

And so on… 

Several commenters talked about using totally different guns if he wanted to 1-2 shot mobs at level 100. Pissant2001 came back explaining he doesn’t have those guns, but can make them if he wasn’t a lazy , close-minded pissant. Another guy (me), picked a couple guns from his list and explained how he would use those guns, even if they might not 1-2 shot everything. Mainly, that guy pointed out RGCCG was great to crowd control to give him a bit of time to 3-5 shot things with Sure gun. Pissant2001 made a list of BUT BUT BUT I want 1-2 shots not strategy CC. Ok, so he lists mediocre weapons and expects to blast them with his good looks? I’m sure he is no Al Paccino. He wanted Easy Mode from what he had and refused to budge. So why ask for peoples’ opinions when you don’t really want it?

Here are several problems with his post and forums in general:

1. He wanted to be God without the effort   

2. Commenters were suggesting their favorite guns, but didn’t stay within the restrictions Pissant2001 laid out. 

3. A viable suggestion by an anonymous commenter (me), was discarded because that was not Pissant2001’s play style, which is just a sexy stare with or without dick out. 

4. Everyone (except me) was close-minded to suggestions   

5. Meatloaf is on the radio so hold on a second

Post after post on the forums people refuse to be open-minded to anything and it gets worse when people believe the game balance is broken. People forget to take into consideration the logistics of what it takes to make a game and NO game is perfectly balanced. Even Tetris is an unbalanced shitstorm. From level 22 to 23 it is like Satan  slapped his junk filled with Tetris pieces on your screen in the blink of an eye. 

Level 22: “Man, this game is easy my stack is clear!”


I’m sorry, humanity is flawed and everything they do reflects that. I’m guessing God is flawed too because he made Donald Trump and let the Broncos win. So if we are all flawed, what can we do to make it better? Try to understand the bigger picture and be open to feedback. Also, accept you are stupid because you are reading this. No smart person would do that. 

In closing I want to half-heartedly apologize for my last post. It was very closed-minded. I could’ve made it better if I gave a fuck enough to. Shit I didn’t even edit it. I’m flawed and appreciate your feedback. 

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  1. rinhammer

    Forums are usually a place for the angry. Only when you’re angry or dissatisfied with something do you have enough energy to do something about it. People who are having a good time arnt going to take a break to talk about it. They’re going to keep playing until they get pissed and then go to the forums to complain.

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