Charity Idea

Personally I give money to charity every year, but I wish I could give more. I’m always trying to think of ideas to give to charity. I struggle with this ideas because I’m not technically inclined to get these ideas off the ground. 

I thought it would be a good idea to start a Patreon account, but instead of having funding goals for me, have them for charity. Because I have no need for an extra income to buy whatever I need for videos or content, all money would be given to charity. Almost like Extra-Life, but my own thing to help. 

I just want to make a difference and help others and feel what I do now just isn’t enough. I’d like to do more and use my creative skills to not only entertain people’s le, but to help others in the process. My main obstacles are:

1. I’m a nobody in the gaming/ streaming/ social media world. I probably have 30 real people followers on Twitter and most of them are more talented streamers/podcasters/tech badasses. I’m skills are very craptastic

2. Finding dedicated time to do this. I think I can overcome this as long as I set a time once a week to do it. That way my real life can be set  aside to help people. 

3. Artistically and technically I need serious help getting this started. All I would need is somebody that could make good graphics on the Patreon website, Twitch and YouTube channels, and a sweet 10 second intro to all my videos to give me a good start. I have the ideas just not the skills to make them look professional. 

Those are really my only roadblocks. I want to make a difference and I want to entertain people, I just don’t know how to start and make it look professional. I’ve asked for help and offered money for the help, but nobody seems to like money. I would go to a local place to get this started, but I live in such a backwoods area there isn’t any web/Twitch/YouTube/blog/ anything besides full-blown business web design help. People in my parts don’t do this stuff for the little guys and their ideas of web design are cookie cutters from Walmart or Amazon. 

It is very frustrating to me because I want to help other people and not do Patreon to fund me. I seriously don’t need any money whatsoever, I just want to do more than I can for people that do need money to live. Maybe someday I can do this and help people in need.