Blade and Soul Review 

I’ve plugged countless hours into Blade and Soul since the launch last week. Currently, I have several max level characters and raked up a 230-10 winning record in 1v1 PvP.  Not to brag but , I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this game. I don’t believe scoring a game in a review and think the words give my readers a better understanding of how the game truly is. For over 15 years now I have been reviewing MMOs and have been spot-on with every one when it comes to the communities overall impressions of a game; Blade and Soul will be no different. Not only that, I’ve worked secretly as a journalist in the gaming community for over a decade now. This isn’t my first of second rodeo, son! I cut to the chase,  here is my comprehensive review of Blade and Soul:


The Good: what I love most about the new trends in MMOs is the minimalistic UIs. That days of clunky UIs like Everquest and WoW are gone. Blade and Soul does an excellent job at making the UI easy to read and out of your way. I love the crisp icons in the hotbar and the easy to read font of text. It’s not as simple as Guild Wars 2, but it does look pretty. 

The Bad: I’m not a fan of the UI customization. It is a bit frustrating to work with and doesn’t have any resizing options. I’m kind of an old guy and my eyes aren’t what they used to be and I’m an old fashioned MMO hotbar user. I would like to be able to resize some of the lower icons to see them better. It took me awhile to figure out which icon was the journal ; it was so small. 

The Ugly: I know it is an MMO, but please let me throw chat totally in the trash. Give me the option to hide it or at least let me just see tabs. I’m distracted by the unending stream of gold spammers. Right now the game chat is worthless because if you do say something it will be gobbled up by gold sellers. 


The Good: Oh man, oh man! I’m running around my house doing Kung Fu moves scaring the kids, wife and pets. I’m all about KEEEYAWWW and WAAAAAAHH! I even went to my local dojo to sign up for lessons. They asked me what I know and I said, Blade Master, Force Master and level 20 Summoner. I don’t think they were impressed until I started meditating to get my Chi back. The combat is so fluid in this game all it needs to be more real is Oculus Rift support. 

The Bad: Because the game shines with combat, the game focuses on you killing and killing and killing and killing and killing… OD like to have a more robust crafting system, but I applauded Blade and Soul for focusing on their strengths. 

The Ugly: You quickly reach max level and find yourself a bit burnt out on killing a bit dumb AI. Yeah the mobs have different tricks, but it doesn’t carry greatly from level 1 to max level. The raid bosses just feel like hit point sponges. After about 10 min on a boss your hand gets tired of the constant movement and much needed combos required to survive the battle. 


The Good: I love that you can morph your gear from the beginning to the end. It is a great system a lot more games should have. Not only does your gear change in stats, it changes looks. Don’t worry if you don’t like the new looks you can always skin it to what you like. 

The Bad: What we consider crafting in other MMOs is not in this game. It really doesn’t fit as much as other games, but it would be nice to grow crops or live on a farm pimping out my giant breasted daughters. When I play MMOs I always like to have a place I can call home to craft. 

The Ugly: The whole crafting system is confusing and boring. It could use some work. Not that it takes away from the game as a total, but it is apparent it is not a priority. 


The Good: The are massive amounts of options in the character customization. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I was able to put baby oil all over my character in a game. Sure I lather myself up before I play MMOs, but virtually I’ve never been able to do it. That is just the tip of options; there are thousands more to make your character become unique. 

The Bad: Eastern MMO breast customization. Is Westerners are not ready for breast sliders that can make boobs dance and wave. Don’t get me wrong I love breasts like the air I breathe and wouldn’t mind dying from breast suffocation, but as a society we can’t control ourselves enough not to call the game Breasts and Soul. This is bad on our part not the game design. 

The Ugly: I’d love to see and equal opportunity MMO when it comes to character customization. I’ve yet to see bulge sliders or banana hammock outfits. When I make a male character in an MMO that has extensive breast customization, I expect my character to have an anaconda running down his leg. Not only that, I want it to thrash around when I’m running. When I get in a grappling maneuver on my Kung Fu Master, I want my junk to start a choke hold. My flying should start with my pogo stick launching me into orbit. 


I could keep talking about different aspects of this game you should see, but that is just wasting your time you should be playing it. I fully recommend this game. You have nothing to lose it is free to play, beautiful graphics, dynamic combat, strategic PvP, raids, top-notch cash shop and easy ways to get gold from thousands of illegal sellers. What more could you want in a F2P MMO? Did I mention it has controller support for faster controls? Don’t take my word for it, GO PLAY IT NOW!