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Simply Understanding 

In life you choose your path. There are things you don’t put in the way, but you choose to either hurdle them or avoid them. You can hurdle it by screaming at it and insulting it until it erodes away, talk dirty to it until it melts away with love, stare at it for the rest of your life, walk around , or step over it. No matter what, you choose how you tackle anything that comes your way. 


Psychologically there are two mindsets you can have. You can have a fixed or growth mindset. A fixed mindset is when you believe your views, beliefs, thoughts, life or anything in the world is set in stone and can’t be changed. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice, it just means you believe you can only do so much before you hit that wall and cannot progress any further. For example: with a fixed mindset you believe you cannot learn quantum physics because you will never be able to be that good in math. You know you can do intermediate algebra, but you cannot, for the life of you, understand anything harder than that. With a growth mindset on the other hand, you don’t let that stop you from trying. You might never be able to do quantum physics, but you are going to learn every day until you achieve your goals towards learning quantum physics. Simply put, you either have a can-do attitude or a cant-do attitude. It’s your choice. 

So what does this have to do with you as a gamer? Funny I asked that for you, because I am going to help you understand exactly what I want you to understand. 


Oh man, that fanboy is just pissing you off being so annoyingly excited about that new game he/she has been waiting for their whole life. You are so annoyed you start making snide remarks about a game you have no interest in or you mute your friends to block out the fun they are having too much of. Fanboyism is a really threat to your way of life until it hits you. It’s extremely contagious you know. 

You’ve been around the block a few times to know fanboys don’t last. They quickly get over excited and prematurely ooze their love of a game all over everybody. You know it will be less than a week before that fanboy is exhausted and they will quickly move to another love without skipping a beat. That is why you are annoyed with them. You know they will hit that wall and will never love past there. 

Unfortunately, you got a little on you when they were ranting around like a giant sprinkler.  Tick, tick, tick, splat, splat spat, tick,tick, tick, goes their spraying excitement. Damnit, you’re wet now!

The fanboyism is in you now. It’s your turn…

You can feel the excitement well up inside you. You feel there is infinite possibilities in your future. You’ve tapped into a growth mindset and it is addicting. You leave your fears, doubts, and pessimism behind. You can’t wait to get up in the morning, put on your white shirt, conservative tie, black slacks, polished shoes, and go door to door spreading the word of your savior. You don’t want people to convert to your fanboy life, you just want them to let you come inside for some tea while you tell them all about it. You might even help them turn on their sprinkler system to help their grass become greener.  

You know you are becoming “that fanboy” and you hate yourself for it, but it makes you feel so good inside. You feel empowered and part of something bigger. You notice you start setting goals for yourself and start daydreaming about winning the Major League Gaming World Championships. In your excitement you start a blog dedicated to your love of the game. Luckily for you, the Newbie Blogger Exposé is going on. You’re sure to get a million hits and convert thousands to your game. Well, until The Wall…


With the fixed mindset the fanboy started out thinking fanboyism can only go so far before it fails. They couldn’t fathom being a fanboy because it meant you had to be a specific way and you were set to live that way forever. Funny thing happened though, they started to develop a growth mindset and be open to new ideas. They started a blog and started making goals. Instead of just looking right in front of them, they looked into the distance. Further down the road. Any and all obstacles in the way became small hurdles they could jump over. Unfortunately, they hit a giant wall in their road. Instead of keeping that growth mindset and breaking down the wall, they stopped and gave up. They even turned around and started back the way they came. This time though, they started removing all the obstacles they passed and started throwing them in someone else’s road. If they were going to live their life fixed and unhappy, so was everyone around them. 


Your heart is broken and all the time and money you spent on “that game” has left a hole in your heart and in your life. You are staring at the Great Wall of Fandom. Brick stacked upon brick you can’t see a way around it.  You feel no matter what you do it is never good enough to succeed and if you can’t do it, nobody can. People that get famous in gaming are only 1. Lucky guys or 2. Have nice breasts and a vagina. You’re not jealous, you just think it is all bullshit and they are out to push you down so you don’t take their throne. You had a great plan, but you are just not good enough and never will be. It pains you to the core. All those other gamers are laughing at you for failing and not realizing the game you loved is total shit. The developers lied to you. How many times did they say the game was going to be balanced just for you to win? Why did they lie to you? It’s time to make them pay and every game you secretly want to play, will pay. You know they are going to lie to you anyways. 

Those fanboys are talking about that game again. You might as well be passive-aggressive and comment on their stuff…

“The game is shit! Unbalanced crap pile! The developers are just cash-grabbers! Game should be free! Your momma!”

There that should get their attention. You don’t need their attention, but you just want them to know. It’s time to get out of bed, put on your black shirt, fuck the tie, chain wallet latched, and jeans with a hole in the ass just to show them all where shit really comes from. You go door to do damning them all and lighting bags of shit on their door steps. Now, this is fun! You’re getting way more attention than you did when you loved games. You could actually be somebody this time. Set the goals, make a blog, piss on the world Trump style!


 The Troll started making excuses for their life. Why they couldn’t succeed and why others were in spite of them. In a desperate need to feel better about themselves, they started piling crap on other people’s lives in hopes they wouldn’t get their hopes up and know life only  gets so good before you hit a wall. While they were pissing on your road making it the Yellow Brick Road, their mindset changed to a growth mindset again. They started making goals again and succeeding in a hateful, asshole way. Still, they were growing. 


No matter if you are a fanboy or a troll, you choose to either succeed or fail in your life. Both can be successful in their own way. You might hate that troll, but you making that known and lashing out gives them more rocks to throw back in your road. They are succeeding in growing their life in spite of yours. The fanboy on the other hand is quickly jumping those rocks focused on their goal. Nothing in either path changes your path. You choose to ride with the fanboy on his/her rainbows of life or you can throw rocks at them. 

Your road is yours and no matter what obstacles come your way, you can choose to break past them or turn around and give up. That said, no road is straight. You can change it at any time. You can live happily with a fixed mindset and know there is a wall you will never pass of you can use that wall to help you build a new road. It’s not easy. There might be years where you stare at that wall, but when you figure out how to pass it you will feel great. You will understand it’s good to be who you are and you can do anything.